There are multitudes of color choices out there that can very quickly become overwhelming. We help you choose paint, upholstery, window coverings, etc. that will complement your favorite existing furnishings and space to create a cohesive palette that reflects your Home’s unique style and personality.


Not sure about where to put the big screen TV? How should that family heirloom side chair be integrated so it doesn’t clash with the modern couch? We maximize your space, create optimal traffic flow patterns and focus attention on the assets of your Home, such as an ornate fireplace mantle or beautiful window view.


A room might already have great bones and furniture, but it still lacks that “something.” Artful placement of accessories can be the completing touch. We discuss what personality you want to your Home to convey, search for unique items to complement your existing pieces, and then style the space for that final finished look.


Kitchens and bathrooms certainly provide a lot “wow factor” in a Home, but they can be the most involved design projects as well. We coordinate the many design details for you, from cabinet and fixture placement to finish selection. Additionally, with professional Culinary Arts training, we fully understand how to turn your kitchen into a highly functional space in which it is a joy to work.


Purchasing the just right furnishing or accessory for your Home can take time, which always seems to be in short supply. We research all of your options in your particular budget, whether small or large, so all you have to do is make final decisions. Perhaps you’d rather visit a retailer yourself, but would welcome a second opinion – we’ll happily accompany you.


Does it feel like the clutter of your everyday things is threatening to take over your life? We’ve helped clients sort, clear and find logical storage solutions for their pantries, closets, studies and garages. Newly organized spaces allow the once-hidden, calming Home they already had to emerge again.


When it comes time to sell a Home, often it will be decluttered to the point of no longer having a personality, becoming sterile and “showroom perfect.” We arrange your furnishings and personal effects to showcase your Home’s best features, conveying a comfortable, welcoming message to its new owners that your Home has not just been lived in – it has been loved in.