Faced with a dark “pit” of an L-shaped kitchen with no windows, during this renovation the Homeowner prioritized natural light. We replaced upper cabinets with a floor-to-ceiling wall of cabinets elsewhere in the room and moved the stove to the new leg of the revised U-shaped plan. These changes then allowed the installation of a wall of windows over a luxurious 12′ long run of uninterrupted counter space.


Rarely would a Homeowner want to show off their pantry, but not in this case! We labeled matching glass jars for dry good storage, which then need only a quick glace to determine what needs to be re-stocked. In the second of the side-by-side cabinets, cans and boxes are organized by size and baskets hold snacks and other small, miscellaneous items. The result is a clean, streamlined pantry anyone would drool over.


This Homeowner’s eight-year-old girl wanted a glam, girly bedroom suite with a bit of rock-n-roll; we made sure she got her dream. A record-shaped throw pillow and toy guitars hung from the ceiling later made way for Paris posters and fashion illustrations as she became a teenager, proving the wisdom of choosing timeless furnishing and finishes that can grow with a child with just a few changes in accessories.


A small bathroom doesn’t have to be a dull bathroom. In this Home’s standard 8′ x 5′ space, we specified a frameless glass shower door and a custom open-base vanity to create an airy space that seems much larger than it actually is. Glass tile in the shower, a metallic-glazed mirror frame and a new window add additional sparkle to the room.


Sometimes a space can be too big, such as this long dining room. If the table were placed in the traditional middle, it would seem to float with no anchor. Instead, we turned it perpendicularly and placed it against the windows, which created a bonus sitting area next to the patio doors. When hosting a dinner party, the Homeowner can then slide the love seat aside and turn the table length-wise to accommodate a larger number of guests.


Life brings changes and often that means rooms in a Home also need to change. When a couple moved in together, her former pink craft room needed to become his “man cave.” Pulling a blue tone out of the existing rug, new paint and a re-upholstered couch transformed the room and set the stage for his displays of guitars and comic book art.


Faced with a lot of clothing and a not-so-large bedroom closet? The custom system for this 6′ wide closet can accommodate far more than just the standard rod and single shelf. A partial double rod and banks of adjustable shelves increase the storage and can be rearranged as the Homeowner’s wardrobe changes. We finished the project by organizing everything by color and season and adding matching hangers for a clean look.


Good design shouldn’t just be confined to the indoors. We filled this yard with artistic elements that complement the existing plantings. Hanging pieces, freestanding sculptures, fountains and a pergola with swing are all strategically highlighted at night with landscape lighting that sets a magical scene to greet this Home’s guests.


Overwhelmed by boxes and stacks of paper, this Homeowner could hardly walk into her study. We spent the day motivating her through the sorting process, and then finished with a trip to the store to purchase fun canvas storage bins for the now-accessible and organized shelves. As a bonus, she was able to add a guest sofa bed in the newly freed up floor space and create a dual function room.