Elements of Design: Space

There are nine basic elements of good design: Space, Line, Shape, Form, Mass, Texture, Pattern, Light and Color. In a series of posts, we’ll be examining each of these and how they can be used to design a beautiful Home.

First we’ll tackle Space.

Space is the expanse and area defined by a room’s architecture and furnishings. It can be manipulated to make a room feel spacious or small, as desired.

The Space in this living room is defined by the barrel-vaulted ceiling. Upon first look, the Space might seem large and expansive because of the taller ceiling height. However, the curve of the vault and the stone walls evoke a subterranean room and the large window acting as a focal point at the end of the room mimics the mouth of a cave. The Space become much more intimate as a result: a cool, comfortable retreat from the world.

Every House A Home is experienced in manipulating the Space your Home has to create the mood you are looking for. Contact us to set up your appointment today.

Rich Color

Color can be one of the most dramatic features in a Home, but it can also be the hardest to choose correctly. Common errors might be too dark of a color for the room size, too many colors, too bright or clashing colors. Check out Pinterest for our latest pins showcasing effective use of Rich Color. And when it’s time for you to choose colors for your own Home, we can help with this often overwhelming task.