There are nine basic elements of good design: Space, Line, Shape, Form, Mass, Texture, Pattern, Light and Color. In a series of posts, we’ll be examining each of these and how they can be used to design a beautiful Home.

First we’ll tackle Space.

Space is the expanse and area defined by a room’s architecture and furnishings. It can be manipulated to make a room feel spacious or small, as desired.

The Space in this living room is defined by the barrel-vaulted ceiling. Upon first look, the Space might seem large and expansive because of the taller ceiling height. However, the curve of the vault and the stone walls evoke a subterranean room and the large window acting as a focal point at the end of the room mimics the mouth of a cave. The Space become much more intimate as a result: a cool, comfortable retreat from the world.

Every House A Home is experienced in manipulating the Space your Home has to create the mood you are looking for. Contact us to set up your appointment today.

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